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October 10,2017 Ariana on FOX news
Thank you FOX 5 NY and Dana Arschin for the amazing interview! Catch the clip on instagram @thearianacorner

June 14, 2017 Amazing Halftime Show
Thank you so much PS 101 for the invitation to perform at your basket halftime show. 

A great big thank you to all!!!!! It was amazing to meet you, see your wonderful school, and make new friends!!!!

Congratulations to all the 5th graders!!!! I wish you success in your new schools!!!!!!!!

April 26, 2017 Fashion Shoot
Ariana Jalia's latest fashion shoot in New York was a big success! Check out her new photos on instagram!!!!!! @thearianacorner 

Want to meet Ariana? Check back soon to find out where her next appearance will be!!!!!



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August 9, 2017 Documentary update
Ariana Jalia's documentary, Through the Eyes of a Child, continues with great success with her latest interview with

Lori Pedone - VP of Events for StarNetwork

Thank you Lori!!!!!!!


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October 12,2017 6,000 followers on Instagram
Ariana Jalia hit 6,000 followers today on Instagram!!!! Thank you to all for the followers and likes!!!!!! Check out new photos, singing videos, Wisdoms daily on instagram!!!!!! @thearianacorner 

March 7, 2017  fall  2018 AJ and Dazzle are Coming to YouTube!​​
AJ and Dazzle are bringing their story to YouTube! Bursting with super happy, positive, family friendly videos inspired by these adorable cute characters from Ariana Jalia's book series Mommy B and Me!!! Explore the world with AJ and Dazzle, learning everything about their world and yours!!!! Together you will visit cool places and follow their adventures as they unlock their secret world!

Stay tuned...

August 12, 2017 book sells over 4,000

Can it be true??????? Ariana Jalia's book sales have hit over 4,000!!!!!! Less than 6,000 to go to hit our target of 10,000 - 

"Thank you to all my fans for making my dreams come true!!!!" Ariana Jalia

​Congratulation Ariana on your BOOK SALES!

June 22, 2017 First Red carpet event
Exciting news, everyone! Ariana Jalia's first red carpet event took place in New York at the 40 Stars Under Forty event!!!!! Ariana was honored as the youngest RISING STAR for her accomplishments as an author, actress, and entrepreneur.

​Congratulation Ariana on your big event!!!!!!

August 12, 2017 THIRD book on it's way!
Guess what everyone - Ariana's launch of her third book in on its way in 2018!!!! In it you will discover a magical unknown world, wisdoms of AJ and Dazzle, and magic they collect along the way - A must have for both parents and kids!!!!!!!

And products too are coming your way with the launch of Ariana's online store just in time for the 2018 holidays!!!!!!!!

​Congratulation Ariana on your THIRD BOOK LAUNCH and STORE!!!!!!

Discover the magic of your child's imagination through the Children's book series  - Mommy B and Me 

-written and illustrated by Ariana Jalia

"America's Youngest Book Series Author"

Enjoy the SunShine Magic . . .

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October 16, 2017 The Little Big Shots!
Guess what everyone - Ariana is on her way to appear on Steve Harvey's The little Big Shots on NBC!!!! 

She is just days away from leaving to go to Los Angeles, Ca USA!!!!! 

​Congratulation Ariana on your success of getting on the Steve Harvey Show airing this spring - stayed tuned for more information!!!!!!