My SunShine Magic was started in 2015 by 4 year old Ariana Jalia. Her vision is to share her imagination through the stories and adventures in the book series entitled, Mommy B and Me. It is Ariana's hope that through her stories she can inspire other children to read, imagine, and write their own stories.​​

Together, with those around her who believe in her talents, Ariana plans to grow her company to include dolls inspired by the characters in her books, charm line, book tote bags, stickers, and an interactive animation series on U Tube where children can express their creativity and inspire each other through following the magical adventures of AJ and Dazzle - all inspired by the imagination of Ariana.

Let the Sunshine Magic shine in your child's life​. . . Coming soon

By the age of three, Ariana Jalia had taught herself to read and loved to share these stories with all who would listen. One morning as she woke, Ariana asked her Mommy if she could write a book to tell the world about her blanket named "B". Seeing this as a way for Ariana to share her "Sunshine Magic", Mommy reached for an empty pad and over the next couple of days wrote down word for word the story of "B". The pages of that pad quickly filled with sentences and Ariana's book - Mommy B and Me was created.​

About the Illustrations
​The illustrations in this book were drawn by Ariana. At the age of three, Ariana sat down at her desk and drew the character of "B". It appeared from this first character Ariana had a love of drawing, but drawing what was in her imagination was another matter. Mommy figured out if she helped Ariana break her drawings into simple shapes, letters, and numbers she already knew, Ariana could create what she imagined.

If you look closely at the images in Mommy B and Me you might find a J or a U in a character's face, or recognize the simple shapes within the drawings.

At the age of four, Ariana published this book. It is her hope you will enjoy reading it as much as she enjoyed creating it. 

What will BE the next adventure? 
Find out in Ariana's THIRD BOOK due out fall 2018!!!!!!!!

Documentary - Through the Eyes of a Child

Debut Book - Mommy B and Me

Where have we been...

- across the US

- Next Stop? Los Angeles, CA USA

Meet Children's Author - Ariana Jalia

- What does it mean to be a CEO? 

- What make a good leader?

- How do you inspire people?

- How do you build a successful company?

These are just a few of the questions spunky Ariana Jalia began to ask her Mommy as she started her company My SunShine Magic in Oct 2015. 

Ariana saw this as an opportunity to document her journey as she discovers what it means to start and run a company at the tender age of five. It is her hope that through her interviews with leaders, she will uncover the secrets of being a successful leader and combine these tools with her imagination to create a successful company of her own. 

Follow Ariana as she sets out on her journey across the country to discover what it means to be a good leader Through the Eyes of a Child.

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My Sunshine Magic

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My SunShine Magic

At the age of one, Ariana's imagination seemed to be in full bloom. Her exceptional ability to speak in sentences allowed her to share her gift of magical thinking at this young age. As she spoke it became apparent that it was not just what Ariana was saying, but the way she connected with others when she was saying it. She calls this "My SunShine Magic".

Ariana always seems to know when someone feels invisible or alone, and never misses an opportunity to leave them with a little sparkle of "Sunshine Magic". Whether it is through sharing a simple smile, having a conversation or breaking into an original song or dance for a surprised crowd - her magic creates sunshine smiles on the faces of strangers sharing in the joy.​ 

Today, six year old Ariana Jalia, can't wait for you to discover what her imagination has created. She is has finished her second book in the book series Mommy B and Me entitled, AJ's Birthday Surprise - now available on Amazon - AND HER THIRD BOOK IS DUE OUT FALL 2018!!!!!!!!

Additionally, Ariana is working on a product line and online store ... All coming soon!

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Hi Sparkle FriendsExciting news to share with you! We have successfully completed Eight interviews for the documentary and will be back on the road in May to film Ariana's latest surprises - the release of her third book and the launch of her animated YouTube channel starring AJ and Dazzle! Stay tuned to find out more!

We will continue filming scenes all throughout Manhattan January through November - if you see us come over and say, "Hi, I'm a Sparkle Friend!",  we have stickers and other surprises just for you!

Keep checking back for specific filming events scheduled on the weekends! 

Great news Sparkle friends, Ariana's third book is due out fall 2018! And the Cat's name is Dazzle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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